Over Given

Given believes that what you wear is a powerful statement about who you are. Given represents Given men and Given women. There is a difference in the styles but not in the purpose.

Given Women is a label for successful and independent women. The Given woman is ambitious and works hard to achieve her goals. She carries herself with dignity and strength yet she is also elegant and graceful. Her style can be described as sophisticated and classy, which is exactly what Given is about. Each season the label develops a wide range of feminine wardrobe essentials with a fashionable twist. The effortlessly chic garments are characterized by exclusive qualities, eye-catching details and perfect fits and can be easily combined for a sharp, luxurious look.

Given Men combines contemporary trends with high fashion. The label strongly believes that it is not about how good a man looks but about how good he can be. The Given man needs to show it inside out. This makes Given Men more than just a fashion label – it’s a lifestyle.